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For many years my life revolved around a destructive, abusive relationship.

For 11 years I put my life on hold trying to sustain a relationship with a narcissist. It was a time of uncertainty as I had no idea what he would do next to try and break us. It was a time of hurt, pain, stress and worry.

The things he was doing were destroying my life, the life of my children, my friendships, my business, my confidence and so much more.

Things were not going to change unless I changed them! I had to take back control, I had to live life on my terms and I was no longer willing to allow him to destroy us.

It is a story that after much emotional turmoil I did take back control over. My self-worth, Self- confidence and self-esteem had been shattered but I wasn’t going to let that stop me.
I had my first ever Tarot reading and at that point my life change for the better. I went on to study Tarot, Reiki, Forgiveness, Gratitude and all the spiritual self development books and courses I could find. One of the biggest influences was the book the Secret, it gave me hope, understanding and empowerment to change my story and to later go on and transform the life of my clients.
It was time for me to start sharing what I had learnt and start helping people to let go of the past, remove limiting beliefs and blockages, manifest their desires and rebuild their lives on their terms. Everything I learnt from this time in my life I use in my business today.

I secured a job with Psychic TV while setting up my business and taking my life coaching qualifications.

My life was changing weekly. All of the negative friends and contacts I had were falling away rapidly, making way for new high vibe friends and contacts. My business was taking off, my feedback on Psychic TV was awesome, my self-worth confidence were growing at an amazing rate. I was manifesting the things I wanted.

In the last 7 years I have manifested so many amazing things and people into my life including:

My soulmate
New high vibe friends and contacts
Bank refunds
 My dream home in Italy.
Amazing builders
Discount coupons
Free Gifts

Are you ready to take back control and start living life on your terms???

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