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Are you feeling stuck and uncertain of where your life is going or you feel life is out of your control?
Do you feel stuck in the past, want to move forwards and make changes in your life?

Wouldn't it be great if you could
Remove any fears or blockages that are stoping you from gaining the successful life you desire.
Gain clarity and insight about what is right for you and your life purpose.
Set an action plan so that you stay focused and motivated.

Having an intuitive reading is helpful when:

  • You feel scared because life seems out of your control
  • You need clarity about your relationships, personal life or life purpose
  • You want freedom from negative situations, jobs, or relationships that don’t serve you, but you don’t know how to create that freedom
  • You’d like the confidence to move forwards and create your dream life


“I was at a stage where I was doing really well in my business however I knew that there were areas of my personal life that were holding me back that were indirectly affecting my business – as so within so without right! My intuitive Business and Personal reading with Suzi showed me the areas in my life that I deep down knew needed healing, but having Suzi identify these meant that 1. I had the awareness to heal these and 2. Was given the tools and techniques to heal these. Suzi helped me see how I had been manifesting things I didn’t want – and blocking the things I really do want! Since the reading I have been working on my self-love and self-worth, forgiving myself and others for past issues and healing my money story. I have used the power of a gratitude practice which has been very powerful and using manifesting techniques to call in the things I desire into my life with ease and grace. I cannot recommend Suzi enough – it’s not just a ‘reading’ – it’s a deep insightful overview of your past and present to give you the awareness to create the future you deserve. Thank you Suzi. Jo Soley – March 2017

I get it, I know how difficult it can be to make the right decisions for you and your life purpose, to not let overwhelm and negativity over take you and know when is a good time to implement new ideas. I have set up my own successful business and wish I had had the clarity and guidance that I can now share with you. It has taken years of training, self development, trial and error to get where I am today and I can now share that with you through this personalised Intuitive session.


What will an intuitive reading give you?

  • Clarity and insight into your life and life purpose
  • Discover where any blocks are holding you back and what to do about them
  • Feel excited, confident and motivated about the next steps in your life
  • Give you an action plan of what to do next
  • Feel at ease, motivated and more confident about where you are going and the tools to help you make the changes you want and need


I am an intuitive coach and Reiki Master with years of experience helping people achieve major changes in their lives and to create the life they want to lead.

I have studied and have certificates in spiritual studies, Reiki master/teacher, Coaching, NLP law of attraction, Self confidence building to name just and few.


How does this session work?

During our session together we will work with the areas detailed below. I will use both my intuition, guides and coaching experience to help you gain clarity and insight and help you to plan the next steps in creating your dream life and give you some tools to help you get started.

We will look at where you are now

What is stopping you from creating change

Where you want to be and your life purpose

This is a 60 minute session via Skype and will be recored for you to review later at your leisure.
The Personal Intuitive session is £197


Action plan workbook to help you set new goals

Had a lovely reading with Suzi which was very intuitive. She picked up on how I was feeling (very low and exhausted) and why I was feeling that way which was spot on. She explained how I could fix this and suggested a plan of action which was very do-able and strangely uplifting. She also sent me an e-booklet on starting a plan of action.. I guess she gave me the push I needed to break the bad cycle I was in. Suzi was also spot on with everything I had in my mind which was causing me distress confusion and lethargy. She got that I was a very spiritual person but needed to shield and ground myself every day to avoid emotional overload and the taking on of everybody’s energies. There was so much in this full reading and I was given a generous amount of Suzi’s time. I enjoyed it very much and Suzi has a nice style of combining the spiritual with the practical which appealed to me and helped to empower me.. Brilliant reading overall, can recommend wholeheartedly. Thanks Suzi x

Highly recommend! Wow! I knew I had some work to do on myself and my current situation as I have lacked a lot clarity on where I was heading with both my career and personal life, but Suzi definitely helped me to put things into perspective. It is easy to continue on with life without actually just sitting down for a minute and taking note of what we need in our lives. I thank Suzi for the guidance and with help on my self development. Im looking forward to working on the worksheets that Suzi has provided. Thank You Samantha.

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