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intuitive 6 figure vip day

Intuitive 6 figure business VIP Day

You want to run your business more intuitively and authentically?

You want clarity, understanding and knowing in your business.

You want to up level your business and call in clients that nourish your soul but are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and over-thinking rather than trusting your intuition.

The intuitive 6 figure business vip day will show you exactly what you need to do to up level your business, call in your soul clients and reach 6-figures authentically.

I have a solution that will give you valuable insight around your business, support and advice to help you to grow your business, removing trial and error approaches and will help you to get in tune with your own intuition.

During the VIP day I will help you to:

Identify and understand your soul client at a deep level.
Learn to trust your intuition
Understand exactly what is going on in your business right now
Understand when it is a good time to implement growth and new ideas
Bust through all blockages and limiting beliefs
Set new financial goals
Put new success habit and structures in place

I know it can be very difficult to make important decisions for your business without clear guidance, insight and clarity.

The intuitive 6-figure business VIP day will show you exactly what is going on around you and your business, help you to identify and understand your ideal client, the steps you can take to start implementing change around your business, the best times to grow your business and what you need to let go of in order to grow your business.


The VIP Package is tailored individually to show you exactly what you need to do to up-level your business and will include the following core areas:

Soul clients – Who are your soul clients and how to let go of clients that no longer excite your soul and call in the clients that do nourish your soul.

Soul Purpose – We will work with your soul purpose and ensure you and your business are working in line with your soul purpose, unique gifts and authenticity.

Blockages – We will look at what is stopping you from up-leveling your business and remove any blockages and limiting beliefs that you are holding on to. (money blocks, fear, unforgiveness, doubt, indecision)

Growth and Development – We will look at when is the best time to implement growth and expansion, when to implement new ideas and what tasks you can outsource.

Goal setting – We will make some new money goals to help you achieve your income goals

Intuition – building and working with your own intuition to guide you.

This highly supportive package gives you:

6 hour private coaching session via Zoom

In-depth Soul client reading to identify and understand your soul client.

Practical money blockages and limiting beliefs work

Goal setting work and creating a new financial goal

one week of email support to answer any questions you have after your coaching day

1 x 30 minute end of program session within 30 days of completion of the coaching day

recording of our session for you to review at a later date

assignments and tools to help implement what we have discussed during our session.


Blockbusting Tool Kit (£97 Value)
Money mindset Mastery online course (£397 Value)
Goal setting workbook (£9.99)
7 Steps to build your intuition workbook

The investment is a one time payment of £1500 or two payments of £750. (Balance to be paid before the VIP day)

Who is this package for:

Women who want to take their existing businesses to the next level using both spiritual and practical tools.

Women who want to share their unique gifts with the world authentically

Woman who want to run their business intuitively

Coaches, mentors, teachers, consultants and service based entrepreneurs

Are you ready to start earning what you are worth? if the answer is yes this program will help you to:

Gain guidance and clarity of what is going on in your business.

Find and release your blockages, money blocks and limiting beliefs.

Set new financial goals for your business.

Stay in line with your soul purpose, unique gifts and authenticity.

Know when is the best time to implement growth and new ideas.


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