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You want clarity and insight into your business to take it to the next level easily and quickly.
Are you are done with overthinking, procrastination and sleepless nights?
Would you like to run your business more intuitively and authentically?

“I walked away with CLARITY on what I should Focus on in my business and confirmation on what I need to let go of! Amazing!!”

As a business owner and intuitive business coach, I’ve helped many entrepreneurs understand the mental blocks which stand between them and success within their businesses.

I know how challenging it is to make important business decisions. You’ll spend hours doing research, you’ll poll your business owner friends or Facebook network, and then eventually you’ll make a decision. Then, if you’re like most, you’ll spend ages second-guessing yourself and wondering if you made the right call.

“My session with Suzi was spot on! I went to Suzi because I was experiencing major indecision about what to do next in business. As a successful coach I’d reached a crossroads and no amount of thinking was making the choice clearer. Suzi helped me to tune in and gave me much needed clarity which helped put my mind at ease and showed me exactly what to do next. Oh and I made an unexpected £10,000. If you’re thinking about booking a session go for it!”

Business Coach

Understand your business as a whole 
 Gain clarity and insight in your business
 Discover where any blocks are holding you back and what to do about them
 Feel excited about the next steps in your business
 Give you an action plan of what to do next
 Set your mind at rest that you are now on the right path
 Feel at ease, motivated and more confident about where you are going
With proper guidance you will acquire the insight, clarity, and intuition necessary to make tough calls and be confident you made the right, authentic choice that will lead to your success.

My gift is showing my clients exactly what is going on around their businesses. What fears, limiting beliefs and thought processes are holding them back from up levelling their businesses quickly

I had the most in depth & insightful READING today with the wonderfully gifted Suzi Edwards. It was a full spread and took about an hour and she covered every aspect that you can think of when it comes to business! I walked away with CLARITY on what I should FOCUS on in my business also confirmation on what I need let go of! Was AMAZING!! Triggered me in places but that is awesome in its self as I know that I need to shine a light on those parts to get them shifted!
She guided me with solutions and ways to overcome any perceived block! Felt so so MOTIVATED and know that I am on the right path!! In fact I luuurved it so much, and feel that it is such an awesome tool to have that we are COLLABORATING together to bring you all something very very SPECTACULAR! It will propel your business to levels you never thought was possible! Thank you angel for giving me the lift I needed!
Big Luv 

Tina xx

The Spiritual Cockney

Think of it as a power session that digs deep into you and your business.

I combine the benefits of my tools, resources, and experience into one powerful package.

During the session I will determine your strengths and weaknesses. Together we can discover what blockages and mindset challenges are holding you back.

Through these steps we’ll uncover what is going on in your business right now. By gaining that perspective you’ll understand when you should implement growth strategies, try new ideas, and when you need to hit pause – even if it’s only temporarily.

By the end of your session you’ understand exactly what is going on in your business, how your personal life affects your business and your mental and money blocks. We’ll also work on setting financial goals and getting new success habits in place so you can bypass your limiting beliefs and conquer your fears.

During our session I will share my tools and resources with you and give you an action plan to keep you focused and motivated to make positive changes both personally and in your business.

  An hours Zoom Call
 Recording of our session
 Tools and resourses that you need to help you
 An action plan to keep you focused


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