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About Me

About Me



Let me tell you a little bit about my past

Believe me sweetheart I know how bad things can get and how difficult life can be. I have had my share of disasters, horrific relationships and pain. IT TOOK ME 10 YEARS TO LEARN MY LIFE LESSON! 

I have learned how to learn the lessons of my past. And as a result I can teach you to use all the tools I have used to help me get out of this destructive cycle and create my dream life.

Consequently, I’ve learnt to connect to my intuition, leave the past behind me and use the valuable lessons life has taught me. I have therefore been able to used all of this information to create specialised readings and coaching packages to help you get to where you want to be in your life.

All of the tools I use within my sessions are both practical and spiritual. I am a Reiki master, qualified life coach, Tarot Card Reader and I’ve studied the Law of attraction and manifesting. I have also done some courses in CBT and NLP.

I’ve changed my life using these techniques to achieve the life I have dreamed of. I’m now living in Italy with my soulmate. And most of all I work with wonderful women to reach their life goals and work the hours I want to. Further more I feel in tune with my soul’s calling and I want you to feel the same way! 

Here is what my lovely clients are saying

Client Testimonial


“Thank you so much Suzi for my wonderful reading today. You made me feel at ease straight away and were absolutely spot on with all my reading. Your guidance was exactly what I needed”. Kim L M Wood

“I had a reading with Suzi today, I have to say I felt connected and at ease straight away…everything that was given I could connect with. I understood every piece of advice and throughly enjoyed my reading, this won’t be my last communication. EXCELLENT.” Siobhan Lynn

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