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Have you done everything you can to uplevel your business, but feel like you’re treading water?
Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed?
Are you DONE with trial and error?
Do you want to feel more confident, so you can run your business authentically, with your own intuition?

As a business owner and intuitive, I’ve helped many entrepreneurs understand the mental blocks which stand between them and success with their soul clients. In my Intuitive 6 Figure Business VIP Day I combine the benefits of my courses, resources, and one on one time with me into one powerhouse package.

I know how challenging it is to make important business decisions. You’ll spend hours doing research, you’ll poll your business owner friends or Facebook network, and then eventually you’ll make a decision. Then, if you’re like most, you’ll spend ages second-guessing yourself and wondering if you made the right call.

“I was at a stage where I was doing really well in my business however I knew that there were areas of my personal life that were holding me back that were indirectly affecting my business – as so within so without right! My intuitive session with Suzi showed me the areas in my life that I deep down knew needed healing, but having Suzi identify these meant that:

1. I had the awareness to heal these and
2. Was given the tools and techniques to heal these.

Suzi helped me see how I had been manifesting things I didn’t want – and blocking the things I really do want! Since the session I have been working on my self-love and self-worth, forgiving myself and others for past issues and healing my money story. I have used the power of a gratitude practice which has been very powerful and using manifesting techniques to call in the things I desire into my life with ease and grace. I cannot recommend Suzi enough – thank you Suzi.

Jo Soley

Marketing Coach

With proper guidance you will acquire the insight, clarity, and intuition necessary to make tough calls and be confident you made the right, authentic choice that will lead to your success.
You’ll understand who they are, how to attract them based on what they need, and perhaps even more importantly – how to let go of clients who no longer excite your soul.
Your Soul Purpose is closely intertwined with what your unique gifts are and how you can bring them together in harmonious authenticity. 
Blockages are what is holding you back, and are the things which keep you from upleveling your business. (These can look like many things from money blocks and fear to doubt and indecision).
Timing is everything. Knowing when to implement growth and expansion plans and when to roll out new ideas is crucial. This area also includes knowing which tasks you can outsource, and when is a good time to do so.
Creating new money goals which are in alignment with your Soul Purpose, the needs of your Soul Clients, and which will work in tandem with your business growth planning.

Your intuition is your most powerful resource. We can build and work with your very own intuition so that you have a reliable guide at all times.
Think of it as a work retreat or conference, except instead of doing trust exercises in the woods or taking copious amounts of notes you’ll never have time to implement, you’ll be investing six hours into a tailor-made coaching session that will leave you feeling enlightened, empowered, and ready to take on your next set of challenges.

During the VIP Day I will conduct a thorough business reading to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Together we can break down what blockages and mindset challenges separate you from your 6 figure successful life. We will do practical work on tackling these barriers, and set you up to stay on track long after the session.

Together we will uncover who your Soul Clients are. These people are, in a way, your business soulmates. Your Soul Clients are the ones who make your heart happy – the ones who excite and nourish your soul. We want you to know your Soul Clients on a deep level and understand who they are and how they relate to your Soul’s Purpose and unique gifts.

Through these steps we’ll uncover what is going on in your business right now. By gaining that perspective you’ll understand when you should implement growth strategies, try new ideas, and when you need to hit pause – even if it’s only temporarily.

By the end of your VIP day you’ll have the tools and processes needed to get you past your mental and money blocks. We’ll also work on setting financial goals and getting new success habits in place so you can bypass your limiting beliefs and conquer your fears.
Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Are you prepared to use spiritual and practical tools to achieve success?

Do you want to authentically share your unique gifts with the world?

Have you wanted to run your business intuitively, but don’t know how?

If any of these sound like you and you’re also a coach, teacher, mentor, consultant or service-based entrepreneur – read on.

  1. A Six Hour Session of One on One Coaching via Zoom, wherever you are in the world.
  2. An In-Depth Soul Client Reading to identify and understand your unique Soul Client.
  3. A Comprehensive Business Reading to help you better understand where you stand.
  4.  Money Blockage and Limiting Beliefs Work that you can begin using immediately to achieve greater success.
  5.  Goal Setting and Financial Goal Creation. No only will we have a new financial goal by the end of the session, and you’ll have the strategies and knowledge to create more when we’re done.
  6.  One Week of Email Support to answer any questions or provide extra insight after your coaching day.
  7.  One Thirty Minute End of Program Session which we will schedule within thirty days of your coaching day to round out the process and resolve any final needs.
  8.  A Recording of Our Session for you to review and reference later on.                           
  9.  Assignments Tailored to Your Business to help you implement everything we discuss during our session

Block Busting Tool Kit (£97 value):
My proven tools for getting past blocks of varying types and severity, included.

 Money Mindset Mastery Course (£397 value):
This self-paced course will guide you to a strong, confident money mindset.

 Goal Setting Workbook (£9.99 value):
Never struggle with setting goals again.

 7 Steps to Building Your Intuition Workbook (Free!!!)
Build a strong, reliable relationship with your intuition-aided by our coaching session.

Gain guidance and clarity of what is going on in your business.

Find and release your blockages, limiting beliefs, and money blocks.

Set financial and growth goals like a champ.

Stay in line with your Soul Purpose and unique talents.

Understand your business so you know how to grow.


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