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Gratitude and Being Thankful

Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation for something, whether it is for the food you eat, your relationship, your family or anything else you have in your life. The list of ... More
How She Did It // How Bushra Azhar Makes $40,000 a Month as a Persuasion Strategist

New Moon Wishes

When performing rituals it is important to prepare yourself as well as all the tools you will need during the ritual beforehand. Turn off all phones and ensure you will not be disturbed... More
5 inspirational videos to fire you up for the rest of the year

Guardian Angles

As we have already discussed our guardian angels are with us from the minute we are born and will stay with us until we die. Our guardian angels are assigned to us to help us, guide and love... More

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Using gratitude on a daily basis

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