Suzi Edwards

I believe you can be empowered to be the strong, spiritual woman you really are.

I can help you to get out of your own way and live the life that you truly want and dream of.

I help spiritual women and entrepreneurs get clear on their goals, create change in their lives and business and create the life of their dreams.

You know that feeling you get when you are totally stuck and you have no idea which direction is “right”. As an intuitive coach I will guide you to find your Soul Path. We will discover the soul lessons you need to learn, and your soul purpose, which will allow you to create change in both your personal and business ventures.

Intuitive coaching is really about getting clear on who you are and living your most authentic and empowered life. I am here to give you permission to make money, become creative, do what you love most. Whatever your thing is, lets discover it and be free!

I use my intuition and coaching skills to connect with you. We will find out what is going on around you now, what to let go of and what beliefs to change. We will acknowledge the lessons in life that you need to learnt in order to be able to move forwards with freedom, peace and knowledge.

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